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EC 1016 - Career Planning

Offered by the Career Guidance Unit

Credit Value and Hours

Credit Value: 1C
Hours: 30P


EC 1016 allow students to participate in experiential activities to assist them in their own career planning process. i.e. exploration and assessment of career values, occupational interests, skills, personality style, work environment preferences; specialization   and career exploration; exposure to career and occupational information resources. Students learn and practice job search strategies and tools, including resumes and interviewing skills; decision-making, goal-setting and action planning that will involve reading, experiential exercises and activities, small group discussions, and written exercises.



Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the students would be able,

  • to identify strengths and weaknesses in him/herself
  • to evaluate career attributes
  • to assess work environment preferences

to explore career specialization

Course contents

Workshops on,

  • Introduction to Career Planning
  • Meet the Professionals
  • Transition from student life to a career
  • How to face and Interview and how to write a CV

Self and career exploration with the help of the career counselor

Method of evaluation

Total marks allocation 100% on course activities, attendance and performance ;i.e.  Progress reports, attendance for regular counselling sessions, workshop attendance and completed log book.

Total marks allocation (100%)

Attendance & Performance(40%)

  • Workshop attendance (4 marks * 4 workshops) – 16
  • Attendance for regular counseling sessions – 16
  • Progress reports (8 marks/3 reports, 4 marks/2 reports, 2 mark/1 report) – 08

Log book (60%)

End of semester evaluated by,

  • Career counselor – 30
  • Panel of 3 examiners – 30

Student Feedback

Ms. Nipuni Kadupitiya

I must say that EC 1016 course is worth following, because it not only gives you the opportunity to join amazing sessions done by great personalities in numerous fields but also a dedicated lecturer to guide you along the journey of seeking the best career path.
I personally enjoyed the content and learnt a lot about myself and how I can improve through valuable discussions with my mentor to whom I am very much grateful. I was motivated to follow my dream because of the inspiration I have got by joining this course.
I recommend this course to anyone who is interested to know the best place for them to be in the future.

Ms. Nanduni Chandrasiri

Selecting EC1016 was a turning point in my university life as it transformed me into a person with a well-planned career and it helped me to develop my personality. Also, I got the opportunity to connect with professionals in the field. They helped me to feel confident about my personality and to plan my career beyond the degree and university life.