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EC 2015 - Career and Personal Development II

Offered by the Career Guidance Unit

Credit Value and Hours

Credit Value: 1C
Hours: 15P


This course builds on the concepts to introduce in EC 1015. It further enhances aspects of personal development outlined in the EC 1015 syllabus, through workshops and related activities. The second year involves the infusion of skills required by professionals.



Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the students would be able,

  • Integrate the knowledge and experience they gain in decision making related to future career path/s
  • Develop better presentation skills and social and communication skills
  • Establish a solid foundation for personal development with better leadership qualities and creative thinking

Lecture components

These workshops would be conducted by industry specialists with specific domain knowledge. Basic IT skills, Public speaking and communication skills, Social and Personal etiquettes, Life/Career Planning Skills, Leadership skills – workshop is followed by a panel discussion

Method of evaluation

End of the semester Multiple Choice paper – 100%