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EC 2020 - Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Innovations

Offered by the Career Guidance Unit

Credit Value and Hours

Credit Value: 1C
Hours: 30P


This course entails topics including definitions, concepts and importance of enterprise and entrepreneurship; the entrepreneurs’ role and personality; environment for entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship in practice: ideas, innovations at individual, group and organizational levels, business strategies and plans; basics of operations, finance, marketing and human resource management, case studies.



Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the students would be able,

  • To apply the fundamentals and background of Enterprise entrepreneurship & Innovation.
  • To evaluate professionals’ journey in business field and learn how to develop their career, overcome the obstacles facing, towards becoming a successful businessman.
  • To plan business models and create self-confidence involve with entrepreneurial activities.

Course contents

These workshops would be conducted by industry specialists with specific domain knowledge.

What are theory and fundamentals of Enterprise Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Guest  Talk  “My Journey"  by  businessmen,  Training  sessions  on  'Developing  a  successful  business  plan',  Potential business areas will be identified and assigned to students, Further training on developing the business plan and Presentation Skill Development,  Development of a business proposal.

Method of evaluation

Group presentation and viva voce based on development of a business proposal.

Total marks allocation    100%

  • Business proposal – 50%
  • Presentation & Viva – 50%

Evaluation will be carried out by 3 panel members