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Career Guidance Committee

We are a dedicated group of volunteer academic staff members who work closely with students showing interest in exploring opportunities and developing themselves. Due to the unstinted support from the Association of Human Resources Professionals, corporate and state sector partners, enthusiastic alumni and well-wishers, opportunities to gain experience have become plentiful and grow continuously.



Course Coordinators

Course Code Course Coordinators
EC 1015 Dr. Sameera Viswakula (Statistics)
Dr. Thilini A. Perera (Plant Sciences)
EC 1016 Prof. Inoka C. Perera (Zoology and Environment Sciences)
Prof. H.D.D. Bandupriya (Plant Sciences)
EC 2015 Dr. Vindhya Kulasena (Zoology and Environment Sciences)
EC 2020 Dr. Dilushan Jayasundara (Physics)
Dr. Devanmini Halwatura (Zoology and Environment Sciences)
EC 3015 Dr. Iroja Caldera (Plant Sciences)
Dr. Sachini Amarasekara (Zoology and Environment Sciences)
FS 3001 Prof. Chamari Hettiarachchi (Chemistry)
FS 3002 Course Advisor : Snr Prof. Deepthi Wickramasinghe (Zoology and Environment Sciences)
Dr. Sameera Ariyawansa (Plant Sciences)
Dr. Ayomi Witharana (Zoology and Environment Sciences)
BSc Honours in Science and Management (MS 4014, MS 4015, MS 3011, MS 4009) Prof. Chamari Hettiarachchi (Chemistry)
MS 3019 Dr. H.A.S.G. Dharmarathne (Statistics)
FS 3003 Dr. Jinendra Dissanayake (Plant Sciences)
FS 4005 Dr. Surani Ediriweera (Plant Sciences)