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Base for Enthusiasts of Environmental Science and Zoology (BEEZ), established in 2015, is a student body with a common interest in Zoology and Environmental Sciences where the membership is open to all students of the Faculty of Science. The organization is dedicated to foster education and active participation in the conservation of natural resources and the promotion of biology and its related fields. BEEZ holds a benchmark event each year to celebrate the World Environment Day. Several events are organized in parallel to the theme of the environment day with students from schools and universities as well as the public.

BEEZ founded the Explorers’ Club in 2018 which promotes scientific exploration by enabling field workshops and nature explorations and thus serves as a common bond and meeting point for explorers of the University of Colombo. Members also come together for a monthly “Animal Talk” where they get the opportunity to learn from experts in the field. In addition, guest lectures, community service projects, conferences and workshops are organized by the organization. The Journal Club organized by BEEZ provides the opportunity to critically evaluate scientific papers with those who share a common interest towards the subject. BEEZ has partnered with many private and public-sector entities and thus serves as a platform for members to widen their network.

BEEZ believes that this is the first step of a long journey that will contribute in making a more conscious society that is sensitive to environmental issues.

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