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Activities and Events

Next Generation Women Leaders Asia Pacific virtual program

To explore the importance of women in leadership, develop a sense of connection and create a long-lasting community. The program will continue with workshops and informative virtual sessions throughout July.

Date – June 17-18
Venue – Via zoom
For more information please visit –

Inaugural meeting of the Academic Mentoring Program of Faculty of Science

The Inaugural meeting of the Academic Mentoring Programme of the Faculty of Science was held successfully on April 19, 2021, with the participation of the Vice-Chancellor, University of Colombo, Dean, Faculty of Science and the members of the Faculty Mentoring Committee, and all the registered mentees and mentors under the programme.

The speakers of the meeting included Prof Chamari Hettiarachchi, Co-Director, Career Guidance Unit, Prof. Erandathie Lokupitiya, Coordinator, Academic Mentoring Programme, Snr. Prof Chandrika Wijeyaratne, Vice Chancellor of University of Colombo, Snr. Prof Upul Sonnadra, Dean, Faculty of Science, and Snr. Prof Preethi Udagama, Advisor to the Academic Mentoring Programme.

Workshop on higher educational opportunities in University of Miami, USA

A zoom workshop planned for the students of the Faculty of Science who are planning to pursue their higher education, on Ph.D., MS, and Master of Professional Science degrees in the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. This workshop will be conducted by Dr. Josh Coco from the University of Miami, USA.

Date – 15/04/2021
Time – 6.30 Pm – 7.30 pm.
Venue – Via zoom

CGU Orientation Programme – 2021

The orientation programme for the freshers was held on 9th April 2021 with the participation of Co – Directors, Alumnae and Corporate partners.

Personality Development Programme of Career Guidance Unit

Date – 09/04/2021
Time – 9.00 am – 12.00 noon.
Venue – Via zoom (Live screen from Dean’s office Board room)

Introductory virtual workshop

The introductory virtual workshop for the mentors of Academic Mentoring Program was held on 25th of March from 2.15 pm – 4.30 pm via zoom. Professor Erandathie Lokupitiya introduced the program with an overall description including the key objectives and the expected outcomes. Professor Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Leeds General Infirmary and Professor Pavithra Kailasapathy from Department of Human Resources Management, Faculty of Management and Finance, were invited for the event as guest speakers, and gave valuable insights for the program. The session ended with a panel discussion with Professor Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, Professor Pavithra Kailasapathy, Senior Professor Preethi Udagama, and Professor Erandathie Lokupitiya as the panelists. All the mentors, members of the Academic Mentoring Committee, and all the other senior faculty members were invited to participate in this introductory workshop.

Road to Graduate Programs

It is well said that “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.” Simply because education helps people become better citizens, get a better-paid job, and shows the difference between good and bad. At the same time, helps to grow and develop.

After spending nearly 3-4 years at university the next step of many graduates is to pursue their higher studies, either by enrolling in a Masters or a PhD program. But getting to know the correct pathway to approach such programs have been an issue to many of them. Thus, catering the need of many graduates, Career Guidance Unit of Faculty of Science organized “Road to Graduate Programs” webinar on 27th September 2021 via Zoom platform. The session witnessed more than 100 participants of all the years, who follow different streams.

The webinar was conducted by Dr. Joshua Coco, the Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Advancement, Outreach, Recruitment, Enrollment, Advancement, and Marketing at Rosenstiel school of Marine and Atmospheric science, University of Miami, USA.

Many insights were shared regarding the different graduate programs such as MS and PhD programs conducted in Rosenstiel school of Marine and Atmospheric science, the eligibility criteria for students, the deadlines and many more. During the Q & A session various questions were bought in by the participants regarding applying for higher studies, thus it was very interactive. The session ended on a positive note with lot being discussed in the given timeframe.

Keep up the spirit and stay tuned for more interesting educational sessions and webinars by CGU, FOS. We’ll be more than happy to support you all, in any way possible.