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Chemical Society

The Chemical Society (ChemSoc) of University of Colombo is one of the largest, oldest and the most active students’ societies of the University which was established under Department of Chemistry in the year 2000.

ChemSoc provide opportunities for the students of the Faculty of Science to excel in their scientific journey by understanding and applying the key chemical principles, update their knowledge with new trends and findings in the chemical world, improve their skills in leadership and teamwork, provide opportunities to bring out the hidden skills of students to explore their curiosity, assist in planning higher studies and train them for future careers.

To enhance creative thinking and innovative solutions to see the world beyond boundaries the society has undertaken many initiatives.

Inter-School Chemistry Quiz Competition

An inter-school Chemistry quiz competition is organized annually by the Chemical society. School children in the Advanced level Science stream participate in the competition which consists of theory and practical based rounds. The winners are awarded at the end of the competition.


SAHAS, also known as Scholarly Access in Helping the Advancement of Science is an annual community service project conducted by the Chemical society to increase the interest towards Science and help increase the education standards in rural schools.

The project mainly targets Advanced level students sitting for the A/L examination offering Chemistry as a subject. Donation of stationary items, glassware to the laboratories, subject materials to the school library, conduction of laboratory sessions, seminar sessions, tutorials and quizzes, group discussions, a teacher awareness program are carried out during the event followed by an interesting chemistry magic show.

Food Festival

A food festival comprising of yummy goodies and beverages is conducted annually by the members of the society as a part of collecting funds to conduct the annual charity project.

Charity project

The annual charity project is a fun filled event at a children’s orphanage where the students spend a day with the children, play games, sing and many more. The children are gifted with stationary items.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures delivered by local as well as international scientists are organized by the society for the benefit of all the students of the faculty to update their knowledge on recent Chemistry related findings and researches.

Annual ChemSoc trip

The annual ChemSoc Trip is an entertainment event organized by the society for the academic staff, temporary academic staff and the special degree students of the department. It is a one-day trip comprising of various fun activities and games.
Many other minor projects are carried out by the society throughout the year based on the availability of time and opportunities.

Details of the ongoing events can be obtained by contacting the office bearers of the society and by following over Facebook page/ChemSoc.
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