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Epsilon Delta Society

The Epsilon Delta Society is a mathematics society run by the students of the Department of Mathematics in the University of Colombo. It has presently emerged popular as one of the main and most active student organizations in the Faculty of Science of the university.

The Epsilon Delta Society was founded on the 29th of August 2005. The unflagging mission of the society is to  stimulate  an  interest  in  the  students  in mathematics, especially in pure mathematics, and related  sciences,  to  help  them  discover  their capabilities in these fields, and also to create an ideal platform for them to enhance their mathematical skills. Further, the society works closely with the academic staff  and  the  academic  support  staff  of  the Department of Mathematics in order to provide the students, both in and out of the university, with an invaluable  opportunity  to  be  nurtured  within  a prestigious and erudite academic environment.

It is quite striking and admirable that the members in the society volunteer for the Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Foundation so as to conduct the national level selection tests, to organize preparatory seminars in certain schools, and also to guide the selected teams up to the international events. Moreover, the society undertakes the activities pertaining to the distribution of certificates for the participants and winners of the Sri Lanka Olympiad Mathematics Competition.

A magazine had also been published once in the year 2015 which incorporated interesting and beautiful topics, relating mathematics to the real world which clinches the attention of any reader coming from any background.

In addition to this, the Epsilon Delta Society regularly hosts an event called the “Math Circle” where the members  and  other  attendees  discuss  such stimulating and enlightening topics as mathematical paradoxes, concept behind infinity, prime numbers etc.

This event has created an absolute podium for the students to share their passion for mathematics with their peers while earnestly exploring and pondering over  the  unsolved  mysteries  in  the  world  of mathematics. The unflinching commitment of the members of the Epsilon Delta Society has enabled the young people in the country to see the world through the eyes of a true mathematician.