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Physics Society

The Physics Society of University of Colombo is being sheltered by the Department of Physics since 2008. It is the main student body of the department and one of the active societies in the Faculty of Science.

Unremittingly being an oasis for those who wish to understand the day- to-day life through a physicist’s eye, the Physics Society caters the keen interest on deeper physical phenomena as well.

  • Physics Talks

Physics Talks is an open forum guided by the third and fourth year Special Degree students which provides potential for the participants to share their knowledge and ideas on matters related to physics. It had been successful in nurturing the interest on physics in students though live practical demonstrations, discussions and ‘food for thought’. One to two hour sessions take place once in two weeks on prearranged dates inside the department premises. Anyone who is interested and served by curiosity is welcome!

  • Guest Lectures

Guest lectures by local and foreign scientists or related parties are organized by the Physics Society in the aim of providing information about the researches and activities around the world and different branches of physics to be explored in the future.

  • Notice Board

The society notice board near the NPLT is updated continuously with articles on different aspects of physics. Anybody has the opportunity to submit short articles to be displayed and to gain knowledge by reading those while waiting outside the NPLT for the lectures to commence.

  • Sathsara Musical Event and Shramadana

Apart from the academic contributions, an annual musical event is organised by the Physics Society with the participation of the academic and nonacademic staff of the department of Physics and the current students. The shramadana activity is a service to the department from the society members. Both the activities enhance the synergies between the staff and the students while providing a change via enjoyment.

Other activities include exhibitions, seminar and teaching programmes, workshops and quizzes depending on the available opportunity.

  • Contact details


Information on ongoing activities can be obtained through coordinators of each batch or directly through the office bearers.