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The Stat Circle

The ‘Stat Circle’ was formed by the students of the University of Colombo. The original aims of the Circle were, as they are today, to enhance the statistical knowledge of the students and the outside community and to communicate and exchange ideas with other societies, universities and the industry. As we all know and experience there is a tremendous surge in the number of applications that make use of statistics in the last few decades. And the need for employees who are accustomed to thinking statistically and who are adept at using statistical tools is greater than ever. The Stat Circle was formed in part to fill this void.

The inaugural meeting was held on the 15th of October 2002. Since then the Stat Circle has achieved much through the tireless effort of its members. It has gained the reputation of being one of the most active and dynamic societies in the University.

The Stat Circle also offers a number of services to clients both within and outside the University of Colombo.

  • Objectives
  1. To stimulate interest in statistics and related fields.
  2. To communicate and exchange ideas with other societies and universities in the relevant field, locally and internationally.
  3. To open up avenues to disseminate and gain new knowledge in statistics and it’s applications.
  4. To strengthen relations with the industry that makes use of statistical skills.
  • Stat Day

The Stat Day is the most major event organized by the Stat Circle. The primary objective of this annual event is to stimulate interest in statistics and other related fields, among students, the academia and the industry by providing a forum of sorts for presenting and discussing various issues related to statistics. Being a joint effort between the Stat Circle and the staff of the Department of Statistics, the Stat Day provides the much needed platform to discuss and explore new horizons of Statistics and related applications. Moreover, this provides a good opportunity for the students to connect and acquainted with the industry and attune with the industry.

The Stat Day commences with a selected group of renowned professionals and academics from the state sector and industrial communities of Sri Lanka addressing the gathering. This includes a keynote speech which is to be delivered by a well-respected professional on a particular theme chosen. The guest speeches will be followed by a Panel Discussion, an interactive forum, where academics, industry leaders, policy makers, students and a diverse array of experts on different disciplines join in to share and refine their ideas, views and thoughts on the theme.

The climax of the day is the Prof. V.K.Samaranayake Memorial inter–university quiz competition. Teams comprising of four members from several universities in the island are expected to participate in this event. Our main intention is to test the application of statistics in various fields and to enhance the practical knowledge of the students. Certificates and prizes will be awarded to the winning team and the runners up.

  • Shilpa Shakthi

The Stat Circle recently introduced a new project called “Shilpa-Shakthi”. The main objective of this project is to assist local students in their academic endeavors conducting teaching campaigns or providing aid to improve their infrastructure and Resources. The first phase of the “Shilpa-Shakthi” has successfully completed on 23rd January 2015 at Taxila Central College, Horana with the participation of advanced level students in Kalutara district where the stat circle managed to conduct a successful teaching campaign on A/L Statistics & distribute text books for the students.

  • Guest Lectures

Stat Circle annually organize series of guest lectures which are conducted by esteem academia and professionals in the prospect of sharing knowledge and increase the awareness of statistics specially among undergraduate students and to all parties who are interested. These lectures have been an immense success in inculcating statistical knowledge into undergraduates of University of Colombo as well as students from other universities.