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The research strength of the department is mainly focused on five broad research themes supported by the senior academic staff. The areas of postgraduate level research that is currently taking place are given in the following table

Atmospheric Physics

Prof. D U J Sonnadara

  • Climate Change
  • Climate modeling
  • Extreme weather events

Computational Physics

Prof. D U J Sonnadara

  • Modeling natural systems
  • Image processing
  • Machine vision
  • Autonomous robot navigation

Instrumentation Physics

Prof. T R Ariyaratne

  • Application of technology

Dr. M K Jayananda

  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Embedded Systems

Dr. H H E Jayaweera

  • Automation and Robotics
  • Optical Instrumentation

Lightning Physics

Prof. I M K Fernando

  • Lightning Generated Electric Fields

Prof. K P S C Jayaratne

  • Acoustics (Thunder Signatures)
  • Lightning protection


Dr. M K Jayananda

  • Dynamic stability