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The Swaying Equations - An Exhibition of Mathematical and Algorithmic Art - 2024

(held on 26th January 2024 at the New MF Laboratory building first floor)

As a part of a project that explores the relationship between mathematics, algorithms and visual arts, the Centre for Mathematical Modelling has been creating artworks by using mathematical formulae and algorithms. The Swaying Equations, an exhibition of mathematical and algorithmic art, that consisted of a number of artworks generated through this project took place on 26th Jan 2024, at the first floor of MF building, Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.

Mathematical formulae and notions such as lattices, fractals, polar equations, polynomials, and tessellations serve as the foundation for creating these artworks, made by Awansika Nimuthumana, jointly with Anuradha Mahasinghe.

Awansika Nimuthumana is an instructor at the Department of Mathematics, who holds an Hons degree in Mathematical Finance, and an upcoming artist whose artworks have adorned Sri Lankan newspapers and book covers. Anuradha Mahasinghe is a Professor in Computational Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, whose interests include recreational mathematics and art forms such as literature and visual arts.

The exhibition was held in parallel to the International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Modelling (ICCMM) 2024, organised by the Centre for Mathematical Modelling, University of Colombo. It was opened at 10AM by Senior Prof. (Chair) H.D. Karunaratne, the Vice Chancellor of University of Colombo, with Prof. Upul Sonnadara, the Dean, Faculty of Science, Prof. Sanjeewa Perera, the Head of the Department of Mathematics, and some administrative staff members. Several foreign and local researchers and enthusiasts were seen at the exhibition, enjoying the beauty of nature formulated mathematically.

Photos of the exhibition can be found from the collection on ICCMM 2024:

More mathematical artworks and the photos of a previous event can be viewed here: