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The Grade Point Average (GPA) will be computed using grades assigned for all papers including the research project. The minimum grade a student should achieve to pass a paper/research project is C. The grades shall be assigned as following table.

The Grading System

Range of Marks Grade Grade Point Value
80 - 100 A 4.00
75 - 79 A- 3.75
70 - 74 B+ 3.25
65 - 69 B 3.30
60 - 64 B- 2.75
55 - 59 C+ 2.25
50 - 54 C 2.00
45 - 49 C- 1.75
40 - 44 D+ 1.25
30 - 39 D 1.00
20 - 29 D- 0.75
00 - 19 F 0.00

The GPA will be computed using the following formula,

GPA = ∑ wigi / ∑ wi


wi = number of credit units for the ith course
gi = grade points for the course

Repeat Examinations

If a student fails the examination he/she shall repeat the entire examination or the required part at the next first available opportunity. Candidates are allowed to repeat an examination only once.

The Dissertation

Initial Submission

Two copies of the dissertation based on the research project, in temporary bound form; should be submitted initially through the supervisor/s, Coordinator of the programme to the Head of the relevant Department. The dissertation should be certified by the supervisors by signing the form given in the following figure.


The Head shall send a copy of the dissertation to the examiner/s appointed by the Faculty on the recommendation of the Department and the HDC. At least one of the examiners should be external to the place where the research was carried out. The examiner/s shall send the evaluation report to the Head of the relevant Department through the Dean.

Viva Voce Examination

If the examiner/s recommends the acceptance of the dissertation, the Department will make arrangements to hold the viva voce examination. In cases where major revisions are recommended, the viva voce examination should be held only after the dissertation has been re-examined and recommended for acceptance by the examiner/s.

The panel of examiners for the viva voce examination shall be,

(i) Head of the relevant Department or representative (Chair)
(ii) Coordinator of the Programme
(iii) Examiner of the dissertation
(iv) Supervisor/s as observer/s

The panel of examiners will grade and submit a report on the dissertation.

Final Submission

Three copies of the dissertation, permanently bound with revisions, if any, together with an electronic copy should be submitted to SAR, Examinations through Head of the Department and the Dean. The supervisor/s is/are expected to certify that corrections, revisions etc. have been duly effected by the candidate by signing the form given in following the figure.