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Top Stories

Ethnic Reality of Sri Lankans: A Hidden Story Unravelled

How related are we to each other? Can we predict the kinship between two individuals no matter how distant and complex the relationship is? Are Sri Lankans truly one big family? How related are we to other nationalities?

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Sri Lankan Bats and Bat-Coronaviruses.

“Corona” has been a word that tormented a whole world for more than a year since the end of 2019. What is this Corona? It created a global level pandemic by infecting more than 180 million people across 220 countries and caused the death of more than 3.9 million patients.

Hanuman Plover; A New Bird To Sri Lanka

Every once in a while, new species are being discovered, and when that happens it brings a new perspective to our understanding of the world around us. From small gelatinous blobs in the deep sea to birds soaring high sky, spanning across every habit and niche, these species bring fresh insights to nature and biodiversity.